We help businesses and people challenge the future.

Whether in the home, the workplace, or community we all can benefit by gaining skills and building confidence in strengthening our relationships with our children and families, co-workers and bosses.

The future belongs to those willing to challenge it Find out how we can help you

Consulting Services

Our experienced consultants offer organizations access to leading-edge knowledge, idea generation, research & education, consulting & professional development worldwide. We do more than advise, we help you execute to achieve continued success. We help you build trust, teamwork, and oganizational responsiveness.

Strategic Planning and Execution

Most organizations are “unhealthy,” meaning they cannot convert strategy into action. The most common impediment to execution is a “passive-aggressive” organization in which everyone says the right thing…and does none of them. Such was the central hypothesis of a study entitled, Global Check-Up: Diagnosing the Health of Today’s Organizations, conducted by Booz, Allen, Hamilton with nearly 50,000 surveys completed over two years by individuals around the world.

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Organizational Excellence

Organizations are bombarded by change, and many are struggling to keep up.

The slow recovery to a recent economic downturn compounds the dramatic impact change is hurling at organizational structures once considered resilient to just about any adversity thrown in the path.

Today, most organizations can find themselves in fragile state. A stroke of a pen can lead to a merger or dissolution; a bad decision can impact growth; a shortage of talent can limit the organizations capability; an environmental shift can disrupt markets; a relentless performance gap can misalign actual goals from expected outcomes; and an organization can find itself struggling for survival with little hope of a healthy recovery.

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Career Transition and Outplacement

A plant closure, business merger, down sizing for a company or someone being released that no longer fits the job is most often a traumatic experience for the company, its employees, their families and the community at large.

Loss of job(s) & income has serious consequences for all those affected.

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Leadership Coaching and Counseling

I noticed young women in a bookstore exploring books in the leadership section. Quietly I said to her, “Excuse me for asking, but why are you searching in the leadership section?” Her response was, “I started in a supervisory position after a recent promotion and I am trying to figure out how to motivate the four people that work under my supervision”.

From supervisor, manager, executive, CEO’s in organizations to business owners everyone participates in a leadership effort to improve performance and conditions.

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Training and Learning

“The only unique asset that a business has for gaining a sustained competitive advantage over rivals is its workforce: the skills and dedication of its employees.”

Source: Robert B Reich – Past U.S. secretary of labor; and Professor of Public Policy, University of California, Los Angeles, at Berkeley. T&D Magazine, September 2006, p. 32

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Mental Wellness Seminars

Mental Wellness Seminars

GW Group delivers informative presentations teaching us how to master our acceptance and gain control of challenging situations we may face as a family, as a worker or as an employer. Whether in the home, the workplace or community we all can benefit by gaining skills and building confidence in strengthening our relationships with our children and families, co-workers and bosses.

Our Children, Our Treasure

“Nobody said parenting was easy but nobody said it would be this hard either!”

Our children are our greatest resource yet we struggle to feel confident about raising our families to become physically and emotionally health contributing members of society.

Times have changed. Our kids have greater opportunity to be creative and expressive in technological ways, form social connections with hundreds of network “friends” and be less involved with their families.

How can we do our jobs as their parents, supporters and advocates to ensure we are promoting their success in the future, while maintaining positive self-esteem, strong personal values, and family connectedness?

The answer is in the power of parenting!

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Suicide Prevention

Want to help but not sure how? You’re not alone. Suicide is a social issue many would rather not think or talk about however everyone is affected when a family member, friend, neighbour, co-worker, or community member takes their life, forcing us to consider how we can help.

Our workshops empower individuals to talk about suicide and learn tools to assist an individual thinking of suicide. Our hope is to increase awareness and confidence in our participants to help them feel ready, willing and able to provide suicide first aid to a person at risk for suicide.

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Interpersonal Communication

“You talking to me!” spoken by Robert DeNiro in the 1976 movie “Taxi Driver” resonates to this very day as one of the all time great movie quotes.

Do you stand in front of a mirror rehearsing your interpersonal communication skills like Al Pacino did to make sure he gets his message across.

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Mental Health First Aid

“According to a recent report by the Conference Board of Canada, lost labour market participation due to mental illness cost Canada about $20.7 billion in 2012, a number that’s expected to rise to $29.1 billion a year by 2030”.

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Collaboration Corner

Collaboration Corner

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John is nobody’s fool. John age 54 is president & CEO of a multi-million dollar business in manufacturing with just over 150 employees. John knows his products, markets and customers. He demonstrates sound leadership skills, surrounds himself with good people and has a good relationship with the investors. He believes in innovation and is committed to... [continue reading]

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Glen’s Blog

Over the past two decades of working with business’s and people I ask my clients, “What do you look for when hiring an employee?” The majority of responses have been – they look for “ATTITUDE” of the prospective employee. Employers feel they can provide training to improve skills, help financially to further an employees’ education, but... [continue reading]

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