Organizational Excellence

GW Group is retained to conduct efficiency reviews for organizations to evaluate and assess organizational performance and determine any areas requiring improvement.

GW Group’s approach includes a methodology designed to probe four organization questions every Board Member, management and staff wants to know and needs to know:

1. Where is the organization going?

2. What is it doing to get there?

3. What do people have to do to make a contribution?

4. What’s in it for them if they successfully contribute?

A Situational Analysis Assessment with respect to seven key business areas but not limited to:

1. Leadership

2. Strategic Planning and Execution

3. Customer and Market Focus

4. Information and Analysis

5. Human Capital Focus

6. Process Management

7. Business Results

are comprehensively reported on.

A Diagnostic (look at) your Organization Structure, Processes and People Strategies takes place documenting the organizations strength, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

The findings of an organizational efficiency review will serve any organization (profit or non-profit) well in its pursuit of performance excellence. It is intended to be a resource tool to allow an organization to move forward at a time when the well being of an organization is being challenged.